WRITING VISUALS A show on drawings curated by Adip Dutta

Writing Visuals deals with the practice of drawing. Drawing as a form of expression shares many elements with writing. Writing is a symbolic expression of an understanding through words that constitute language and drawing is a structural expression of perception appearing in the form of motifs used almost like visual alphabets. When these are creatively put together they create a sense of language – more essentially a visual language.

The whole idea of this show is to present the act of drawing as a form of language. The show attempts to present a sensibility that is quintessentially drawing-centric.  Many of the visuals in this show are translations of drawings into material. The works indicate scripts, texts, narration and much else and an emergence of the images from the extensive practice of writing. The exhibition attempts to establish the relationship between writing and drawing. In some works, the journey has been from visuals to alphabet while in others it has been the other way round. Drawing is the most dynamic and fundamental activity for it moves towards planes such as painting as well. It transforms itself to give way to other forms of expression. Drawing gives the final shape and in most cases in the process gets dissolved. The exhibition showcases painting, relief (sculptural) works that retain the elements of drawing to a great extent. The drawing here becomes painting and sculpture, but essentially remains drawing. The show attempts to reflect the internal relationship between these forms and technicalities involved in the process.