1x1 presents... and undated Nightskin

Chittrovanu Mazumdar (b. 1956) started his career as a painter known for his huge canvases and mammoth solo showings. He has since explored a broad spectrum of media and technology in his work. His range of references is vast, incorporating as it does varied inputs from his own culturally rich upbringing in Kolkata and Paris and an astonishing range of eclectic reading in three languages - French, English and Bengali. Graduating from the Calcutta Government College of Art, his education in art began much earlier, at home, where his father, a celebrated figure in the Indian art movement, initiated him into a life which lives and breathes art. Chittrovanu finds multi–disciplinary collaborations a source of excitement, and he is known to engage with professionals from various disciplines including theatre and publishing.


This unique exhibition being brought to Kolkata will be spread over the artist’s studio as well as Harrington Art Centre located in the same building. The body of works being exhibited comprises of three large multimedia installations, four series of mediated photographs as well as related videos and projections.