To Fire Unbound by Anita Mansata


“To Fire Unbound,” a solo exhibit by Anita Mansata, opens at The Harrington Street Arts Centre from 8th to 30th September.

Anita Mansata’s visual journey is unrestricted by limitations of definition, space and time.   She refracts the human form creating emotion-scape, desire- scape through inks, dyes, paints and collage.  Her mixed media work is a dive into her mind where she dismantles the causal chain from the very origin of feeling through allure, disillusion and collapse. 

A Magical Realist, she uses graphic and paint to create layered and vivid images, that are edgy and contemporary.

“…There is something definitely Picasso-esque about the eclectic, energetic, and sometimes awkwardly placed subjects in Mansata’s work.”  SHE, Canada.