The Trail of the snake - Tiger

'We have been expelled from the centre of the world and are condemned to search for it through jungles and deserts or in the underground mazes of the labyrinth,;says Octavio Paz.'Also there was a time when time was not succession and transition,but rather the perpetual source of a fixed present in which all times,past and future,were contained.When man was exiled from that eternity in which all times were one,he entered chronometric time and became a prisoner of the clock and the calendar.As soon as time was divided up into yesterday,today and tomorrow,into hours,minutes and seconds,man ceased to be one with time,ceased to coincide with the flow of reality.When one says,"at this moment", the moment has already passed.`These spatial measurements of time-- separate  man from reality--which is a continuous present--and turn all the presences in which reality manifests itself,as Bergson said,into Phantasms.'