Recent Works of Raghu Rai


Where the mind, spirit and body merge with the world around and the intuitive truth gets manifested. The secret to capture the amalgam of so many lives lived in different times. And in those moments of meditation one becomes the perfect screen – a mirror; non-judgemental, a pure reflection with one’s experience of years of knowledge and vision. The relevant and irrenlevent separate to merge again. The feelings get expressed through physical reality, and intuitive evenrgy comes to play through the  images. But these whispers of nature are not for all, only for those who make themselves available, mentally, physically and spiritually; expression takes a physical form and one can see the whispers translated into images.


One cannot separate the form from the sensous. Apart from it’s physical and emotional aspects, even the birth of child is sensousas well as sublime act. Different elements of life and nature can begin to tickle or touch one. These stones, rocks, trees or clouds, they all carry their own energy and resonance. It’s the effect of much contemplation. At times, different meditations merge into one and, at times they gather in a single space as, simply, a spontaneous collation of circumsatances. It is the unconscious past melted with the present which reflects the future. The unkown and the unseen get revealed.

Ansel Adam spent a lifetime photographing rocks and landscapes. Rocks created by cosmic shifts, carved by the winds and rains; begin to look like my great grandfather’s clan. Like the clouds – ethereal and endless forms ever merging and disappearing as if they never were.

The tangible becomes intangible or vice versa; the mysteries of life and nature never cease to amaze.

An experience becomes a Darshan…