Face of Bengal


As a young girl I was quite shy and so I was most comfortable behind, rather than in front of a camera.  I was my school's yearbook photographer and enjoyed capturing images of people.  I treasured my Minolta SLR - the best gift I have ever received.

While at university, a fellow student and special friend helped my passion for photography to grow.  We spent several wonderful years shooting in and around Washington DC, experimenting and teaching ourselves about light and composition.  We went our separate ways after school and over the years I spent less and less time with my camera, until one day the neglected Minolta sat on a shelf, collecting dust.

Several years ago, as I struggled to recover from PTSD as a result from my serving in Iraq, I found that the creativity and mindfulness of photography has remarkable healing qualities.  I bought a Canon digital SLR and started photographing once again.  I'm happiest wondering the streets of a city in the early morning capturing the lives of ordinary people, finding joy in alleyways and humanity in market places.  Kolkata has by far been my favorite city for street photography, with its diverse boulevards, avenues and alleys teeming with activity, color and wonderful light.