Akshar - An Art Installation with Waste

An Art Installation with Waste

The Harrington Street Art Center (July 6TH -27TH July 2013)

Conservation crusaders, an art installation with waste is one such effort, to bring to the forefront the need to conserve our natural resources. The exhibition aims to spread the message of conservation and sustainability by showcasing the beauty that can be created from waste.  The exhibits have been made out of reused and recycled products.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the eminent artist Sri Shuvaprasanna and special guest Mrs. Bharati Deveshwar. Work done by outgoing students (ICSE 2013) with impressions on plaster of Paris and Linoleum prints showcases their Footprints in the sand of Time. Photographs taken by the students in the current batch of class X are also on display. Waste to art; spread over two rooms, as toys and installations made entirely out of waste such as old toys, boxes and perfume bottles. Junkyard science is filled with science models made out of recycled items. It also includes a demonstration on science with waste. Ecolibirium living showcases an urban eco-friendly house, with household items that have very low carbon footprint. Also on display are models of extinct animals, again made from recycled matter.

NGOs such as Living Free and WWF, along with our Life Skills training Unit at Akshar put up stalls showcasing their products.

Students from Birla High School, Modern High School, Heritage, IICP and The Oral School visited the exhibition. Also the faculty and teachers trainees from MAC came to visit the exhibition.